Practice Update

The Partners of Stroud Valleys Family Practice and Locking Hill Surgery have agreed to submit an application to NHS England to merge both practices into a new partnership. Our application will be submitted in the autumn and a key part of the process will be to carry out consultation with our staff, patients and with neighbouring practices and the PCN. If our application is approved, we would like the new organisation to go live on April 1st 2022.

Although our initial plan was to go into the Merrywalks build as two separate practices we have recently come to a different conclusion. Both Partnerships have spent time together over the last year planning our new premises and as part of these discussions, we realise that we share very similar views and values, and have common goals for our patients. This is very much a joining of two strong and successful partnerships and we firmly believe that we can take the best of both our practices into an excellent new organisation. By merging our practices, we will increase our resilience, be able to provide more services for our patients share our knowledge, resources and skills more systematically and create a more efficient model of service delivery. We believe that all of these changes will allow us to maximise the potential of the new build leading to significant patient benefits and we look forward to be able to deliver these as we work towards moving into our new premises in the autumn of 2022.

The next steps will be for us to develop our business case which will be submitted to NHS England in the autumn. A key element of this process will be to consult our staff and patients, to incorporate feedback, and respond to new ideas. We expect to commence this consultation during the early summer.

If you have any questions or comments on this communication, please get in touch with Annette Brown at Stroud Valleys’ Family Practice, or Stuart Sedgwick-Taylor at Locking Hill Surgery.